R00t.cz DWL-900AP firmware

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Verze z 30. 3. 2007, 20:53, kterou vytvořil Soooc (diskuse | příspěvky)
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 R00T'S FW MOD v0.1.1

Change history:

         + Speed choices limited again due to errors. Now supports:
           1,1-2, 1-2-5.5, 1-2-5.5-11, 1-2-5.5-11-22
         + When speed >=5.5 and SHORT preable is selected, PBCC is used
           (In AP/Client mode only if all stations can handle it)
         + Anti-Dupe packet filter at RX side - works in CLIENT/P2P BRIDGE
           It don't send same packet again on ETH interface. When running
           this FW on both sides of P2P link, you will get no longer get
           duplicate packets.
          + Changed power settings to more power choices (0dDm-18dBm)
         + Fixed antenna switching (External antenna is external ant. :)
         + Added signal graph (you need flash 6 to view it - it's under
           extras tab.
         + Advanced speed choices: You can select what speeds are set
           in beacon frames and what speed is used for data.
           NOTE: Beacons are transmitted on LOWEST checked basic rate
                 Control frames are ALWAYS transmitted at 2Mbps
                 Data frames are transmitted on checked TX rate or
                  lower rate (set by client)

 Signal graph description
 There are two thick lines in graph:
 GREEN = signal level
 RED = noise level
 This is average level per 1 second.
Around these lines, there are red/green area: This is
 min / max value interval.
Note: In client mode not only signal for you is measured.
      If there are stronger signal on same channel, you
      will get this signal level instead.

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